Red Hills
Red Hills

The Red Hills Approach

Red Hills Holdings is a boutique firm with a highly experienced holistic approach allowing it to take full advantage of the opportunities in today’s real estate market.

  • Residential and Commercial Real Estate Backed Loans
    • Performing Loans
    • Re-Performing Loans
    • Non-Performing Loans
  • Value Add Residential and Commercial Real Estate
  • REO (Real Estate Owned) properties owned by banks, hedge funds, the FDIC and Wall Street.

The experience of the Red Hills team spans the entire spectrum from Wall Street to Main Street. The team expertise includes extensive backgrounds in:

  • Real estate evaluation, negotiation, acquisition, management and liquidation
  • Due diligence
  • Residential and commercial loan originations
  • Servicing real estate loans including payment collection and loss mitigation
  • Management of multi-billion dollar loan portfolios
  • Relationships with government agencies such as Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, hedge funds, investment banks and hundreds of mortgage bankers and banking entities.

This experience positions Red Hills to take full advantage of select opportunities throughout the United States through pre-existing strategic relationships with distinguished real estate professionals and respected property managers. The Company has direct access to collateral via long standing relationships with Wall Street, banks and hedge funds.

The Red Hills approach capitalizes on dislocations in the real estate market as well as the lack of credit and liquidity. The result for investors is a professionally managed and diversified real estate backed portfolio with a clear focus on return.

Red Hills’ size and independence, plus flat hierarchy and speed provide a distinct and unique advantage. The resulting efficiency allows the team to quickly and thoroughly analyze acquisition or liquidation opportunities, perform due diligence and execute in days, what takes other firms months to accomplish. In today’s market, recognizing opportunities and taking timely action is critical to maximize investor return.

Red Hills Holdings, LLC
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